Martlet: “Canada’s next great Prime Minister could be in your class”

If you think young people don’t have a national voice, one UVic student will change your mind.
First-year political science and environmental studies student Emmy Marshall-Hill is competing in the CBC competition Canada’s Next Great Prime Minister, a contest for Canadians ages 18 to 25.

The competition started in 1995 as an essay contest but has since evolved, with contestants answering questions through online video posts and creating their own websites for their campaigns.

In November, the contestants were asked what they would do to make Canada a stronger country socially, economically and politically.

“It took a lot of research and a lot of time,” said Marshall-Hill, who had to answer the question via a video post on the contest’s website. “Whatever we do to improve our lives socially, economically and politically must be guided by two key principals. First, we must not harm our mother earth, and second, we must begin to think and plan in generations not in years.” More.