Paul Willcocks: “Four months to go, and the Liberals should be worried”

British bookies take bets on election results and post odds years in advance. Perhaps it’s the next bit of gambling expansion the B.C. Liberals will look at, now that people are getting less keen on scratch and lose tickets. But the oddsmakers would be having a tough time right about now. Even a year ago, Gordon Campbell and company would have been heavy favorites.

The economy was good, Olympic plans were allegedly on track and voters in the Lower Mainland could see big infrastructure projects all over the place. There were problems – homelessness and street disorder, health care waits and gaps in seniors’ care. The forest industry, especially the coastal industry, was a mess.

But problems are part of governing. It’s only when they become really serious, or when the party in power doesn’t seem to have any plans to deal with them – or worse, doesn’t acknowledge them – that voters get really riled. And Carole James and the New Democrats hadn’t convinced voters that they could do any better. More.