New Victoria BC Concierge Service Helps Residents Cope with “To Do” List Overload

The elite concierge services that used to exist solely in big cities like London, New York and Toronto are now coming to Victoria. A new company, Victoria Concierge Services, is catering to ordinary people who find that the demands of modern life are just too daunting — and could use a little help.

Concierge services are the newest trendy solution for busy professionals and multitasking parents struggling to find time to balance work and personal commitments. Similar to a concierge at a fine hotel, a personal concierge helps take care of the “to do list” that can add up to hours of lost time every day. As people become busier and busier every day, time starved individuals are seeking solutions to having more time.

Victoria Concierge Services offers a wide variety of services ranging from taking care of general errands such as grocery shopping and picking up the dry cleaning to waiting for the repair man.

“Many of our clients are overwhelmed with daily and weekly ‘to do lists,’ just like the rest of us, and they find our services to be that helping hand,” says Debbie Johnson, owner of Victoria Concierge Services. “We can take care of the things you don’t have time to do!”

Whether it is picking up dinner, waiting at the house for repair services, grocery and personal shopping, organizing services or locating hard to find gifts, a personal concierge can do it all. Boosters of these types of services insist that concierge services allow people more time for leisure activities, spending more time with your family, friends and yourself.

For more information, visit or call (250) 478-7785.