Travel Recommendations for Victoria Residents

Victoria, British Columbia, is marvelous in its own way, where you can visit various landmarks, parks, and gardens. However, the need for exploration is in our DNA, and as all people, residents of Victoria often search for new remarkable places to visit and experience. If you're a Victorian with the urge to scout every corner of Canada, you're not alone. While many people search for nature settings beyond imagination and landscapes that bring peace to the soul, those who have visited Ontario know where to find them. More precisely, we're talking about one of Ontario's must-visit areas, Muskoka. Follow this article to learn more reasons why Victoria residents can have a blast exploring the region of Muskoka and where they can plan their stay. Thousands of Lakes

The three largest and most popular lakes you can visit in the region of Muskoka are Rosseau Lake, Joseph Lake, and Muskoka Lake. They are around 20 km long and offer the opportunity to enjoy multiple sports. More than 1,600 other lakes are located in the region, most of which are connected by rivers or systems of locks. Most lakes are accessible and have boat launches, where avid fishermen can head over and cast their lines. While travelers can explore any of the lakes in the region, the locals always recommend visiting the three big ones. They are a popular destination for anglers that want the thrill of catching some rainbow trout, whitefish, lake trout, and northern pike, to name a few. No wonder many wealthy business people, actors, and musicians have their own houses or cottages near the lakes. Lake Muskoka is considered the jewel of the three. Being one of the first lakes where people started building private cottages, it has several rows of them down the shoreline called 'Millionaire Row' and 'Little Pittsburgh.'

Provincial Parks

Besides the national parks close to the Muskoka region, some provincial parks also deserve to be visited. You will also find numerous camping spots where you can bask in the sun or take on some of the region's multiple hiking trails. Besides hiking, there are other activities Victorians can enjoy, such as biking, wildlife spotting, photography, and a quick dip in the nearby lakes when the weather permits. The most popular parks you can explore are Hardy Lake Provincial Park, Algonquin park, Six Mile Lake Provincial park, Arrowhead provincial park, and Ragged Falls Provincial Park. Nature is in full bloom in Spring and has a beautiful gold exterior in Autumn, so be sure you can enjoy the outdoors any time of the year. Additionally, the parks are the natural habitat of many animals, such as deer and moose. No matter where the road takes you, you'll want to return if you experience this nature and wildlife.

Top Rated Restaurants

Put a hold on the adventure for some food in any fine establishments in Muskoka. There are plenty of casual dining spots, take-out places, and fine dining restaurants where you can taste Muskoka's culinary scene. Fancy a quick breakfast and coffee in the morning before hitting the trails? Then, head to Humble Pie Butter Tart Factory & Pizzeria and the Blue Willow tea shop. Stop by for lunch to replenish the lost energy from exploring the area at 3 Guys and a Stove, the Portage Store restaurant, Jack & Stella, or the Cast Iron Restaurant for some casual dining. End a wonderful day spent in nature with a tasty dinner at some of Muskoka's best fine dining restaurants. You can visit the Inn at the Falls, Bartlett Lodge Dining Room, Sherwood Inn, Taboo Muskoka, or the Old Station Restaurant for authentic cuisine.

Great Breweries

Besides their lakes and wildlife, residents in Muskoka love their beer and wine. Victorians who decide to vacation in the area will come across multiple breweries where craft beer and wine are served. Some of the more popular breweries are Sawdust City Brewing Company, Clear Lake Brewing Co., Canvas Brewing Company, and the Muskoka Brewery. You can visit them for a fun night out or enjoy a romantic dinner with your partner while sipping their delicious local wine in your cabin.

Impressive Real Estate

Besides the expensive cottages and mansions owned by the wealthy near the three big lakes, travelers and visitors of Muskoka can bask in the greatness of many other architectural pieces. In addition, the real estate is quite impressive, offering numerous logging choices for short and extended stays. Victorians will be able to find cottages, hotels, motels, inns, bed & breakfasts, and of course, camping, glamping, and RV parks. Throughout the year, visitors come from all over the world, so if your next destination is Muskoka, better get those reservations sorted right away!

Best Place to Stay and Enjoy Muskoka

If you are on the lookout for a place to stay in Muskoka, we will help you choose the best Muskoka Ontario rental property. The lovely Muskoka Cottage is located right next to Lake Vernon, one of the biggest lakes in the region. It is 15 minutes from downtown Huntsville and has all the essentials for visitors to enjoy their stay. The private cottage can house up to ten people and features five bedrooms with mesmerizing views of the lake. Additionally, it is pet friendly! Water activities are available within 100 feet of the shoreline close to the rental and a private dock from which you can cast your lines. There are also two kayaks, a canoe, and a SUP board to explore the lake. After a few minutes' drive, visitors can also see two provincial parks - the Arrowhead Provincial Park and Algonquin National Park. They can indulge in trail hiking, sightseeing, wildlife photography, climbing, etc. If Victorian visitors want to get a taste of the Muskoka cuisine, multiple casual dining spots, fine restaurants, and breweries are waiting.

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